Smartphone market notes: Gartner on the global market

A bit late to this, but last week Gartner reported on the global smartphone market, broken down by device manufacture and also by OS. Us software types care more about OS than manufacturer, so the chart below shows “Palm OS” devices, not Palm-supplied Windows Mobile devices. And that’s why people like Samsung and Motorola are not in there – they supply devices but not operating systems. Anyway, to the numbers.

Hhere is the picture a year ago.

Global Smartphone Market 2007Q2 According to Gartner
And here is the picture today.
Global Smartphone Market 2008Q2 According to Gartner
Mac OSX  means iPhone of course, and its numbers are not well reflected here because the release pattern of the devices leads to big fluctuations – everyone waited during Q2 until the release of iPhone 3G in July, so Q3 will look much bigger for them.The big story is the continuing growth of BlackBerry, apparently displacing Microsoft as the number two global mobile OS vendor.

These pictures are only tangentially related to Sybase’s business by the way. What matters to us is (1) what devices run applications – and not games either, and (2) we are concerned more with the enterprise market, including the ruggedized market, which just gets swamped by the consumer market in these numbers.

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