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Accessing Web Services From SQL Anywhere

June 12th, 2008 · 2 Comments

I’ve been playing with SQL Anywhere’s support for web services. What is particularly cool is that you can call out to (or consume) a web service right from the database server using a stored procedure. Since I have been playing with blogs, and setting up rss, I wondered if I could consume RSS feeds via the database server. It turns out this is very easy. The following functon pulls the rss feed from

url ''

Once that is done, I can retrieve the rss as follows:


Easy… However, XML is not necessarily the most readble output. It would be nice if I could shred it into its component pieces and view the relevant ones. This requires that I look at the XML and determine the tags I wish to look at. Once I identify them, I can use the OpenXML(…) function to build a resultset that is much more readable:

FROM OPENXML( DBA.getdiggrss(), '/rss/channel/item', 1, 
	'<root xmlns:content=""
	xmlns:digg=""/>' ) 
WITH( title long VARCHAR 'title', 
	link long VARCHAR 'link', 
	postdescription long VARCHAR 'description', 
	diggcount INTEGER './/digg:diggCount', 
	commentcount INTEGER './/digg:commentCount', 
	pubdate long VARCHAR 'pubDate', 
	permalink long VARCHAR 'guid')

Basically, I pull all the namespaces from the XML file so OPENXML() knows how to process it. Then I tell OPENXML that I want to examine all of the “item” elements (which equate to particular RSS feed entries). I use the WITH clause to define which fields of the “item” elements I want returned in my resultset, what their column names should be and what their datatypes should be.

Not too difficult, and potentially very powerful. I think next I will create an event now that will periodically pull down the RSS and shred it and then store the information in a table, which I can then create a full text index on so I can do local searching of the blog feed. In fact, if I add several feeds, I will be able to search across them with a single query.

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  • 1 BadDotNetCoda // Nov 6, 2008 at 12:07 am

    This is amazing!!!
    So far at this point i’ ve still coded a complicated .net assembly.

    Unfortunately I’ ve still not found a Webspace hoster who supports hosting of Sybase Anywhere Database.

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